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Conférence chez le marchand Mythic Empty
MessageSujet: Conférence chez le marchand Mythic   Conférence chez le marchand Mythic EmptyVen 16 Fév - 9:33

Bonjour mes frères

Le marchand mythic a réaliser une Conférence Call ( le call est un genre de Tambour Sacré)...

Voici un compte rendu ( quelqu'un peut traduire svp je vais manquer de temps)...
Citation :

Q. Are Chaos mutations permanent or temporary and if permanent, will players get any choice between mutations and does it vary by career?

A. This is still under discussion, but the Marauders will have powers that give them plenty of cool temporary mutations. They wanted us all to make sure we mentioned TENTICLES. Yes. In caps. They cannot comment on permanent mutations, they're still talking about it.

Q. What
exactly is the role of the Zealot?

A. Basically...the Magic / Healer.

Q. If a Chaos Magus is always on a disc, how do you intend to handle mounts for this career?

A. The disc IS the mount. The disc will change with the player character. All kinds of really cool mutations.

Q. What are going to be the trophies that Chaos and Empire get off of their fallen foes, or from quest rewards and what not?

A. No details really yet. Just that they will be very "suitible to the 2
armies". Skulls from enemies of course, maybe trophies form equipment.
Still under discussion really.

Q. Will casters be able to cast-on-the-run or will they have to stand still?

A. Both kind of. There are some instant cast abilities for all casters, but mostly "casting requires concentration" so they will be few and far between.

Q. More info on character customization, in general - Are we really going to be able to take 15 diffrent players of the same rank and tier, stick em all next to each other, and still be able to see differences?

A. In short. YES! The art team is working EXTREMELY hard to make sure that through character customization, vast equipment choices, and of course the trophies, you WILL be able to have 15+ characters, exactly the same career, standing together, and not have a single one look the same.

Q. Do the looks of zones change when the enemy has captured them, or is it just new quests that come availble - is the 'sillouette' ideology being carried over the zones so that it is instantly obvious whether a territory has fallen to chaos?

A. "When Chaos is there, you're going to know!" In short........YES! How
much is undecided, but you WILL be able to tell who is in control of what zone without a doubt. How far they will change is unknown still. "You'll know
Chaos is there".

Q. The biggest concern that most people have is the balance between world PvP and instanced PvP, so with that in mind, why are people ever going to want to fight over them rather than in the scenarios?

A. While Scenarios will yield the highest amount of Victory Points, the outdoor PvP will have "benefits" to it that make them just as important. You have to do everything to grab control of a zone and the world PvP objectives are the ones that will go back and forth the most often and be the most unstable and extremely important.

Q. We don't want to have to PvE raid or PvP raid for hours on end to get a chance at maybe getting 1 piece of gear. We hear gear won't be too important for W.A.R. but how do you plan to handle loot distribution?

A. Loot will be distributed in many, many ways. 5 or 6 different methods. From random rewards from killing monsters, all the way up to very planned out mechanisms, such as the PQ (Public Quest) Influence and as you do them you'll gain more Influence and pick your rewards at the ends of those PQs. Through killing monsters, through questing, through public quests, through PvPing, through Influence, through crafting. Specific encounters in capturing capital cities that give rewards, even loot piles in capital cities that you take over.

Q. Are there going to be areas that are DESIGNED to be RP hotspots in general?

A. The entire game is an RP Hotspot, but with a GW representative there from specifically the WHFRPG (Kate Flack), she answered and stated that there are places in the world that will really, really grab the RPers and Lore fiends and make them very proud. The entire world is really the completely realized Warhammer world. And hardcore, long time, Warhammer Obsessed fans will get a real kick out of running to / into the places they have only read about. RP fans will be very happy with it.

Q. Will NPCs have a voice like in EQII or mostly written communication like WoW.

A. Not the long droning on EQ2 type while you've already read it in 2 seconds. But NPCs and players will have plenty of audibles. Sounds and comments, NPCs will insult you sometimes. Fart alot, burp. Are they going to talk to you like EQ2? No. They don't want to keep people standing there while fully scripted voice acting is coming at you slowly after you've already read it.

Q. In Sanya's “Beta Defined” message reposted 11/9/06 she mentioned that Beta 2 would start early Spring 2007 and include “guilds that win the guild contest.” Is this still the plan and when can we expect a guild contest?

A. They said they are ready for the Beta for other people outside the company..... "Hopefully very soon", but how soon is very soon? They cannot commit to an answer, unfortunately. They're in an Internal EA beta testing now. But they still intend to go ahead with the plans they have stated, they just don't know exactly when this will take place.

Q. Bonus Question......... I had to mail in while it was going on about player emotes and sounds. My question I got to ask was "Will my Orc be able to do a fully AUDIBLE WAAAAGH? Basically, if I hit a button or type an emote, will I hear my Orc Waaagh?

A. OF COURSE THEY'RE GOING TO MAKE ALL THE NOISES!! ABSOLUTELY! All of the characters will have a wide range of fully audible emotes and phrases. Farting and Burping came up alot. Bragging also came up. But yes, your Orcs will WAAAAGH and you'll hear it!!!

"If only we can get scratch and sniff mouse movements!"

"The gloating is priceless, when Orcs and Dwarfs can fart and burp in your face that's when you know you're playing a game that matters!" - Paul Barnett

Q. How will Chaos and Empire change as they level up?

A. Humans -
Loot, showing through the things you wear. Showing just how special you are.
Bigger hats, better shoulderpads, more impressive weapons. No mention on Chaos.

Q. Empire / Chaos Scenarios.

A. The Northern Fortress. Get out of a boat, run through a ruin, old stone filled area on your way to a much larger fortress.

The other is "66 Hellcannons". Another ruin setup, lots and lots of killing.
They joked about calling it "99 Hellcannons" 99 red balloons....and singing ensued.

Q. Death penalties for PvE and PvP.

A. Basically, time. No XP debt. No coin cost. No constitution loss. They mentioned maybe res sickness, then said NO. Penalty for death is time. You die, then you have to run back from the warcamp.

Q. Travel. Port or walk / horse?

A. Personal mounts of some sort. Mass transportation. Going form point A to point B on some sort of route. And of course, the Orc-a-pult came up. They don't believe in "walking to somewhere before you can travel to it faster later". That's all they can talk about.

Q. Chaos abilities and quests. WIll they be like everyone else? How cool?

A. All chaos abilities are very "chaos-centric", as for quests, they are
very chaos-centric too. Not always running around and slaughtering things. GW is there to give a presentation on exactly how Chaos works. They're capturing the spirit as complete as possible.

Q. Witch Hunters. How can I torment to get a confession?

A. They pick a target and they torture it by beating it, hitting it, building
"confession" until the creature confesses it's chaosness, and when it does that other people can pile on in! The thing about Witch Hunters......don't underestimate the hat.and the boots, and the rapier, and the flintlock......and the cloak.

Q. Will the discs have special abilities? Will it be able to attack in melee?

A. It's aliving entity from Chaos. It's a floating daemonic shark with great big spikes and teeth. Great big maw with tongues. As your sorcerer gets more powerful, the disc will obviously show a difference and be able to do different things.

"It will be the coolest, greatest, most discious thing you've ever seen." -

Q. How difficult was it to choose from all of Warhammer for the various careers?

A. In short, extremely difficult. Mark basically said what he wanted, focused
targetted iconic career system. At all times they kept going around, getting info from everywhere and everything, GW helped. "It was so tough that for
the next 10 years they know ALL of their expansions."

Q. Magus disc interaction. Such as on stairs, hills, shops.

A. You're an evil Marty McFly. Like Back to the Future 2. Designers ask "what happens when it's up a hill? What about down a hill? What about a shop? What about character selection screen? HE'S ON THE DISC. ALWAYS ON THE DISC. NEVER OFF THE DISC.

Q. Will Collision Detection effect line of sight blocking by other players?

A. No. You can block movement of another player but you cannot block the attacks of another player. As in, if a Black Orc is infront of a Shaman, you WILL be able to shoot the Shaman with ranged attacks.

And there was a quote that basically gets ripped up in our world censor when talking about the RULES for PvP! "FUN, you %^*&*!" lol

Q. Can guilds take and hold points in the world like in DAOC?

A. You can claim objectives, but can you claim them for your guild? Not exactly. The real answer is, they have that TYPE of gameplay, but it's not DAOC. It's similar. But you claim them for your REALM. Not your guild.

Q. Will there be hazards and obsticles in rVr? Falling damage, lava, etc?

A. The environment will effect you based on where you're at. Yes you can die to the environment. Cannons, lava, places to hide behind to block line of sight, trick people into falling off big tall bridges.

Q. Multiple Monitor Support?

A. To be determined.

Q. Out of all the races, which brought the most out of you?

A. All of them! The design team loves them all. They said "the problem is they have to work harder on the evil races but everyone only wants to work on the evil races!"

Q. We have W.A.R. coming and LOTR coming, how do you think LOTR will fare to W.A.R.?

A. They're two completely different games. EA Mythic has apolicy not to comment on the competators and wishes them all the best of luck. They feel that W.A.R. will do very well, the MMO industry is ripe for the plucking for the right game and they feel that W.A.R. is the right game. It is "the total hobby experience".

Q. Will I be able to sink into the water with my disc?

A. No. You will not sink on the disc. What happened to McFly when he went over water?

Q. Team Policy on selling virtual items for real world currency and steps being taken?

A. They are VERY against it. Steps to prevent it within the game, they're still working on systems to combat it. The economy, to how monster fighting and loot works, through crafting and beyond. Not alot of detail ready.

Q. Since Chaos and Empire are two sides of the same coin, can Chaos defect to the EMpire or visa versa?

A. No. You can play both sides (on different servers) and not play a cookie cutter experience. They are very careful to capture full repeatability so it is never the same experience with every new Career / Side you play.

Q. Do Witch Hunters start with the hat?

A. No but you can obtain the hats very early on. There are variances of "the hat" by the way.

Q. Famous Characters. Will we see them?

A. Teclis (SP?), Malekith (SP?), Karl Franz? Core IP that really rock AND you'll get the chance to fight them! People at the keyboards can become heroes! Super Famous in the greatest MMO hobby experience ever created. With full backing from GW!

Q. Will the Chaos Magus be able to summon Horrors of Tzeentch? WIll we see another pet class other than Squig Herders?

A. Other pet classes in the game? Yes there are. But it's NOT the Magus.

Q. Dynamic Quests, as if you're asked to retrieve a sword you could either retrieve it or keep it. Can that happen still?

A. Yes they're still in, but it's not a focus. PQs are the major focus.

Q. One huge world server or multiple servers like other MMOs?

A. Multiple servers like other MMOs have. They want to have a very stable and enjoyable experience for the players. Too big is no good, too small is no good.

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Conférence chez le marchand Mythic Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Conférence chez le marchand Mythic   Conférence chez le marchand Mythic EmptyVen 16 Fév - 14:18

bon j'ai pas tout compris je vais attendre la traduction
merci quand meme Shanaar
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Conférence chez le marchand Mythic Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Conférence chez le marchand Mythic   Conférence chez le marchand Mythic EmptyVen 16 Fév - 17:57

Bon je vrac, mais cela vous donne la possibilité de tout lire ....

Je ferais le ménage plus tard

le compte rendu de war-rvr

Citation :
War-RvR wrote:
Q: Could you please state your names and give a one sentence description of yourself.
Jeff Hickman (Senior Producer): I am the fact guy, I tend to ramble on about many different topics and can give a lot of detail about them.
Paul Barnett (Design Manager): One line sentence? “Always walk softly and carry a light bulb”.
Josh Drescher (Associate Producer): I carry the light bulb.

Q: To begin with questions related to the Empire and Chaos, what type of trophies can we expect to see them receive?
A: Damn the teen rating! We are still discussing the different ways we can approach this, but expect to see things such as Skulls or even equipment taken from your slain enemies.

Q: If the Magus is on a disc all the time, will he be able to obtain a mount?
A: There will be no mounts for the Magus class.

Q: How will the Empire and Chaos become physically more imposing as they gain rank? Such as how Dwarfs get longer beards and Orcs become more larger.
A: The way that a race will progress physically is all dependent on how that race actually would if they were alive. Empire for example are human, therefore they will proudly display loot on their bodies and get bigger, more impressive weapons, because they really would! They will not get old and gray, just think bigger hats, larger shoulder pads, and more threatening weapons!

Q: Could you give examples of more scenarios in the game?
A: Sure,
The Northern Fortress:
Think the Gondor attack in the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. One side defends a ruined city, and the other comes by boat to try and capture it, allowing them to later attack the larger fortress.
66 Hellcannons:
Think of the end scene of Saving Private Ryan. There is explosions everywhere, screams of fallen comrades and foes, along with a lot of ruins.

Q: Will users be able to cast on the run?
A: Casting requires concentration, and because of that the caster must stand still. There are some instant casts, however there are only a few, such as the explosions Bright Wizards can cast.
Paul: Think of it like painting. You cannot paint the Mona Lisa while running around with your brush, but on the other hand if you had a spray paint can you might be able to manage some graffiti.

Q:How will a player be able to obtain loot?
A: There are five different ways we are going to handle this. There is the PQ influence system, where as you gain influence with a faction you might be able to pick a reward from them. There are specific encounters that you will be able to receive rewards from. If you manage to capture the King of the city you might be able to take possessions off of him, along with piles of loot spread across a city being pillaged. And there is always the standard drops from monsters and players. Overall you will receive what you have worked for, nothing more.

Q: What type of RvR combat will have the more influence to the overall fight between racial pairings?
A: There are a large amount of points that a race can gain from scenarios, but the battlefield is really where the battle is won and lost. There are some really scary places in those battlefields to help turn the tide, including spontaneous raids and attacks.

Q: Have you reached any verdict on the penalties for dying?
A: YES! - More specifically, death in Warhammer Online will not cause the player to lose experience or coin. There may or may not be resurrection sickness (subtle enough?). The largest penalty for death will be time.

Q:Will there be a good visual difference between characters of the same level and class?
A: Yes, otherwise our hard work will go to waste and someone will get fired.

Q: Will there be any differences between a zone that has and has not been captured?
A: When a zone has been captured it will be very clear and obvious, but how far this will effect the environment, we don't know for sure yet.

Q: Chaos mutations; are they permanent or temporary? Do they vary by career?
A: There will be some temporary mutations, such as the marauder may grow a crab claw for an arm. As far as permanent mutations are concerned we are still talking about different ways to approach a solution.

Q:Will there be role-playing hot spots withing the game?
A: The entire game is a hotspot! Long time Warhammer players will get a high off of going to special places they have read about. In fact the RPG Brand Manager for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, Kate Flack, is in the room with us right now to give insight to how Chaos and Empire should be perceived.

Q: Will NPC's have voices, such as in Everquest 2, or will it be written text?
A: NPC's will not have voices. The will make sounds and comments, insult you, fart, burp, but there will be no talking, yet they will still be characterful.

Q:What types of transportation will there be for a character?
A: There will be personal transportation which includes walking and mounts. There will also be mass transportation, which will be some sort of route based mechanism that is characterful, such as the "Orcapult". We do not believe that you should have to visit a place before you can mass transport there, so right from the start you will have access to all transportation routes you can make it to.

Q: Regarding beta, when will we expect it to start and how can guilds strengthen their chances of getting in?
A: Keychains with baskets. We actually received a bunch of keychains with a High Elf on them from a guild, but this attempt was unsuccessful, as they forgot to send one to Jeff Hickman! We hope the beta will begin sometime soon but we cannot offer a specific date yet, and remember, we are completely bribe-able.

Q: Will Chaos abilities and have any really cool aspects to them?
A: There are all very cool, who wouldn't consider chopping off your arm and having mice pour out cool? All quests will be Chaos-centric, in fact Kate is helping us to design the game this way. We work very close with Games Workshop. They tell us what to do and we capture the spirit.

Q: How do I use the Witch Hunters torment ability?
A: Leaches, sticks, fires, just pick a target and and start torturing them by stabbing them with hot pokers! This will build up confession and ultimately lead them to confessing of their sins, forcing them to become a subject of Chaos and allow the punishment to intensify dramatically. Remember, don't underestimate the hat.

Q: The Magus disc, will it have any special abilities or melee attacks?
A: The disc is a living entity. It is an angry Chaos soul that is kept under moderate control, which if lost could turn on the rider and eat him. It is a floating daemonic shark with tongues, sharp spikes and teeth. As the Magus becomes more powerful and more of Chaos control, his disc shows a difference, and become the most "disc-east" thing you've ever seen.

Q: What makes a Zealot tick?
A: The Zealot is a crazy fanatic with creepy fetishes that likes to throw potions, lotion, and custard. If you had to give him an archetype, he would be the healer (sigh). Overall he is a close proximity stabby fighter with fetishes and bird seed, along with scary scarecrows that follow him around.

Q: How difficult was the process to determine the four careers?
A:It was one of the hardest decisions to make. We could have done 24 careers for the Empire and each of them would have been characterful and great. When it came for the final decision Mark Jacobs said what this is what I want, a focused and targeted career system, and from that we spent hours pacing around a room and asking Games Workshop for help. It was so tough that we ended up with knowing all our expansions for the next ten years, there is just so much cool stuff left untouched.

Q: The disc. It's really under the Magus all the times? Can you give us an example of something you've done to help keep interaction between the Magus and the environment fluid, such as on stairs, even though he's always on said disc?
A: There is an obsession with the disc! Thing Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2. When he rode his hover board, what happens? Think of that analogy for your answer.

Q: You have mentioned collision detection being in the current build and its effect on game play mechanics, how does line of sight tie in with this and ranged attacks. For example if you have a tank class in front of you and you target a caster behind him will the tank take the damage or does the ranged attack go through him and impact the caster?
A: While collision detection will be turned on in RvR areas, there will be no line of sight problems between what you are trying to shoot as far as other players are concerned. If we were to include this into our game it would create a big headache for ranged classes, after all we like to stick to our motto: Fun, you #$!*ers!

Q: Are you planning to allow guilds to be able to take and hold say towers or strategic positions and claim them for their guilds, like was possible for guilds to do in DAoC?, if not why have you chosen to depart from this mechanic that proved to be so popular?
A: There are objectives in Warhammer that allow you to claim an object, but to claim it for your guild, not exactly, it will be claimed more for your realm. As a direct answer, Yes we have that type of feature but this isn't a DAoC clone. Things will be similar but not the same. We are not looking to recreate the same type of game play, and nothing will ever be the same thing as DAoC.

Q: How will the environment effect movement?
A: Lava will hurt. Falling rocks will hurt. You will sink and slow down in water. The evnironment will effect you wherever you go. There will be cannons shot at you which cause damage, and there will be fortresses with walls that you can hide behind for cover. If it is there you can use it, if it looks like it will hurt you then I suggest not to touch it.

Q: Will there be support for multiple monitors?
A: This is still to be determined.

Q: Warhammer is being released this year, and so is Lord of the Rings Online. How will LOTR fair to Warhammer?
A: Each game is completely different. We have always had the policy to not comment on these types of questions, and we wish the best of luck to the LOTR team. The MMO market has become very competitive, and Warhammer is the right game because it is not a generic fantasy game. We try to achieve things no one else has attempted, all within a great hobby experience.

Q: About discs. During one of the builds available the Chaos Magus was able to sink in water when travelling over it. Will the Magus sink in the final release?
A: No! Remember the Back to the Future Analogy. Marty was able to skim across water, and so will the Magus.

Q: What is your policy regarding the selling of in game items for money, and will you have any methods to stop it?
A: We have a completely negative view against selling in game items. We never plan to encourage it, and Mark Jacobs will never change his attitude toward it. We can't say specifically but we are working through systems to at the least hinder it's existence.

Q:Will it be possible for a Chaos player to convert to become an Empire character? Or the reverse?
A: No. When you choose a race and class you will be that class forever.

Q: Do Witch Hunters start the game with their hats?
A: As much as it hurts to say they do not, but it will be an aspirational goal for the class. It will be pretty quick to get, and you have to do something "Witch Huntery" to do it, such as torturing foes with a red hot poker.

Q: Will there be famous characters such as Gotrek and Felix?
A: Teclis, Malekith, Karl Franz, and many other core IP characters will be in the game, and you will be able to fight them! You people at your keyboards will be able to become superheros in the greatest MMO hobby experience ever created. We even got the thumbs up from Games Workshop to be able to do this.

Q: Will the Magus be able to summon Horrors of Tzeentch?
A: No. But will there be other pet classes? Yes.

Q: Will there be one giant server, or will it be split up into multiple ones?
A: One giant server? You mean take all our two to three million subscribers and put them all on a single server? Are you crazy? No!

Q: Will an Orc be able to WAAAGH!! as an emote? Are there any other cool emotes possible?
A: YES! If the game did not include it than it would be a failure! Other emotes such as burping and farting came up a lot in our discussions too. There is nothing better than to fart in the face of your slain enemy!
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Conférence chez le marchand Mythic Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Conférence chez le marchand Mythic   Conférence chez le marchand Mythic EmptyDim 18 Fév - 3:05

Alors prêtresse ? Arrives-tu à traduire cette langue ? :p

edit : moi je suis pas lettré Sad . Désolé.
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Conférence chez le marchand Mythic Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Conférence chez le marchand Mythic   Conférence chez le marchand Mythic EmptyDim 18 Fév - 12:58

Je comprend dans les grandes lignes mais je ne suis pas un expert en anglais donc...
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Conférence chez le marchand Mythic Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Conférence chez le marchand Mythic   Conférence chez le marchand Mythic EmptyDim 18 Fév - 14:42

Que du bon en perspective on dirai ! Very Happy
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Conférence chez le marchand Mythic Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Conférence chez le marchand Mythic   Conférence chez le marchand Mythic Empty

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Conférence chez le marchand Mythic
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