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-§ WAR §- Echos des frontieres Empty
MessageSujet: -§ WAR §- Echos des frontieres   -§ WAR §- Echos des frontieres EmptySam 10 Fév - 12:37

Bonjour mes frères

Hier j'ai croisé un de nos marchands qui m'a relaté une conversation qu'il a par mégarde entendue derriere une porte ....

Citation :
Date Posted:
2/9 8:57am

RE: * The Instance Thread *
I love all you dearly. Some of you I know better than I know my own
siblings at this point. So please, know that I'm just enjoying the

It is February, 2006. The game isn't going to be out for months,
guys. We're not even beta testing with anyone that is not a company
employee. In other words, I stand by what I said - it is too damn early
for me to comment at ALL authoritatively as to what will and will not
be in the game.

The writeups from the press tour describe the individual
experiences and impressions of the different reporters who sat down
with a very early version of the game. Guys, I've WRITTEN "first
impression" articles. I know from experience how drastically different
a released product can be.

Some people are essentially asking if the way something was in
February 2006 is going to be definitely in the game at launch, working
in the way it was described. Here are the possibilities (and there are
WAY more than "two"):

  1. The element will be in the game exactly as described.
  2. The element will be in the game, but we failed to be clear enough for the person doing the describing.
  3. The element will be in the game, but there will be three other game systems affecting that element (systems that weren't in the game AT ALL when the first impression was written - and therefore, the element in question is almost unrecognizable compared to what we're seeing today).
  4. The element will be in the game, but dramatically modified based on internal feedback, and many modifications will be made before public beta testers ever so much as try it out.
  5. The element will be in the game, but dramatically modified based on beta feedback.
  6. The element will not be in the game.
In my experience... all six of these options are equally likely
for any game system not in public beta testing. Some want me to ascribe
boolean values to subjective opinion writeups... and I can't.

I can clarify the IGN article quote ("Right now the plan is to
limit the city assault instances to 36 players per side and to allow
multiple instances to determine your realm's overall success or failure
in terms of taking the city"), sort of.

The "36" figure (which is entirely guesswork at this point, almost
meaningless, and totally subject to change) refers to the number of
people on a side that can join a regular, standard grade Scenario. All
Scenarios are instances, but not all instances are Scenarios. The city
assault instances are not standard Scenarios, but we didn't give a
number for how many people are in each one, because we don't know. If
it wasn't clear to the reporters, it was our fault, not theirs.

Whether or not city taking WILL or WILL NOT work as described in
the different articles is just not something I can answer. See the
above list. My guess is the entire topic of instancing will have 3, 4,
and 5, and in terms of city assaults, we're looking at 3, 4, 5, and
maybe a dash of 2 depending on the source.

I wanted to talk a little about opinions, polls, and speculation but I don't want the mods to hurt me for being OT -§ WAR §- Echos des frontieres 1

Sanya M. Thomas
Director of Community Relations, EA Mythic

Sinon le marchand Myrhic organise une conférence à distance via d'étranges boules de cristal appelées "conférence call"

Un certain nombre des représentants de notre monde sont convié , à ce jour nous avons repéré :

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-§ WAR §- Echos des frontieres Empty
MessageSujet: Re: -§ WAR §- Echos des frontieres   -§ WAR §- Echos des frontieres EmptyMar 13 Fév - 17:06

concernant la conférence call, elle a lieu ce jeudi 15 fév pendant 1heure ...
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-§ WAR §- Echos des frontieres
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